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Who is who?

The core of our club consists of different people with a variety of (professional) knowledge, both in the field of meteorology (both weather forecasting and climatology), informatics/software, electronics and of course technical service.

Our club works democratically: decisions of the BMCB are made by majority vote.

The members of our club live all over Belgium: French-speakers, Dutch-speakers, German-speakers and English-speakers have found their way to the BMCB... After all, the weather does not respect language borders either.

Here is an overview of the people who take care of the (almost) daily functioning of our club:

Sébastien Verachtert

  • Lives in the province of Namur
  • Works as a meteorologist/forecaster at Skeyes (which supplies information to civil aviation)
  • Chairman of the BMCB since February 2024
  • Communication manager of the BMCB
  • Installation, maintenance of weather stations in the French-speaking region
  • Contact: [email protected]

Luc Trullemans

  • Lives in the province of Liège
  • Retired meteorologist, although...
  • Many years of career as weather forecaster at the RMI
  • Founder of the Belgian Meteo Club Belge (BMCB) in 2020, formerly chairman of the BMCB
  • Contributes to numerous weather-related projects such as the Solar Impulse: read more here...
  • Former weather presenter on RTL-TVI
  • Provides the weather forecasts you can find on |, but also take a look at
  • Installation & maintenance weather stations eastern part of the country, Ardennes
  • Contact: [email protected]

Geert Vandenbrande

  • Lives in West-Flanders
  • Electronics development engineer
  • Design and development of hardware & software of the BMCB-WeatherWise weather station
  • All technical aspects of the weather stations in the network
  • Communication between weather stations and the servers (Sigfox management)
  • Maintenance/updating of articles on the website |
  • Installation & maintenance of weather stations in Flanders (and sometimes beyond)
  • Contact: [email protected]

Robin Vandenbrande

  • Originally from West-Flanders but now living in Toronto (Canada)
  • Software engineer
  • Programmer of our website |, both the frontend (what you see on the screen) and backend (everything that goes on in the background, all data processing)
  • Management of the & servers
  • Programmer of the WeatherWise control program
  • Contact: [email protected]

Michael Bleret

  • Lives in the province of Liège
  • Works as a meteorologist/forecaster at the Meteo Wing of the Belgian Air Force
  • Co-founder of the BMCB in 2020
  • Specialist in finding the coldest spots in the Ardennes
  • Contact: [email protected]

Marc Vandiepenbeeck

  • Lives in the province of Walloon Brabant
  • Former climatologist at the RMI, now retired
  • Contact: [email protected]

Kristof Willemyns

  • Lives in the province of East Flanders
  • Technical interventions, installation and maintenance of weather stations
  • Contact: [email protected]

And of course also all the people who have a weather station in our network or know how to provide us with a nice measurement location! After all, without them there is no good weather data... | uses cookies to improve your experience on our site.
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