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Forecast of the range of maximum temperatures (+ trend vs last forecast) + general type of weather in Belgium

(Usually the highest values ​​are in urban areas, the lower Meuse valley, the Gaume and in the Campine, except in the cold season where these values occur mainly in the coastal area; the lowest values are largely expected on the highlands of the Ardennes)

By Luc Trullemans (BMCB) with 48--ly updates, published around 11-12h

Updated 28 March - outlook and trends for the period to 10 April

Wednesday, March 29: 18/10° (+1.5) mostly cloudy and little or no sun but some rain over the western half of the country.

Thursday, March 30: 17/10° (+0.5) alternating clouds and showers possibly with thunder ; windy weather (55/75km/h).

Friday, March 31: 14/8° (-1) cloudy/changeable with occasional heavy rain or showers; very windy weather (65/95km/h).

Saturday 1 April: 13/6° (0) mostly cloudy with occasional heavy rain or showers; fairly windy weather (50/70km/h).

Sunday 2 April: 12/6° (0) gradually sunny spells from the north.

Monday 3 April: 12/6° (+1.5) possibly locally light night frost inland; fairly sunny weather.

Tuesday 4 April: 12/6° (+0.5) possibly locally light night frost inland; mostly dry but occasionally cloudy

Wednesday 5 April : 12/6 (-0.5) rain or showers.

Thursday April 6 : 13/7° (0) rain or showers.

Friday April 7 : 12/6° (-2.5) chance of rain or showers.

Saturday 8 April: 13/6° (-1.5) almost dry

Sunday April 9: 13/6° (--) fairly dry though

Monday 10 April: 14/7° (--) practically dry


Mild to very mild weather with gradually increasing chances of rain or showers and also more wind.

Friday and Saturday windy to very windy weather and sometimes heavy rain.

Sunday early next week , dry and calm but rather cold weather with possible light night frost inland.

Later in the week some temporary rain would again be possible but this needs to be confirmed ....


Analysis & Forecast maps : https://www.publicmeteo.be/forecast-belgium-maps/

Thermal anomalies: https://www.publicmeteo.be/anomalies-belgium/

Special warning: https://www.publicmeteo.be/avisspecial/

City forecast from ECMWF: https://www.windy.com/50.847/4.352?temp,50.822,4.352,12,i:pressure/ (replace location left above)

City forecast from ICON: https://www.windy.com/50.847/4.352?iconD2,temp,50.822,4.352,12,i:pressure,m:e3Tagiq/ (replace location left above )

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