Sunday 26 June, 22:41

Weather forecast



Forecast of the range of maximum temperatures (+ trend vs last forecast) + general type of weather in Belgium

(Usually the highest values ​​are in urban areas, the lower Meuse valley and in the Campine, except in the cold season where these values occur mainly in the coastal area; the lowest values are largely expected on the highlands of the Ardennes)

By Luc Trullemans (BMCB) with updates every 48h, around 10-11h

Updated on June 26 - for the period until July 10.

Sunday 26 June: 17/23° (-1) variable with sunny spells in the west and then the middle of the country, cloudy with rain at times in the east.

Monday, June 27: 18/24° (0) variable with sunny spells but cloudier with showers over the eastern half .

Tuesday, June 28: 21/26° (+0.5) fairly sunny but more cumulus clouds in the east

Wednesday June 29: 22/28° (-1) sunny but more cloudy in the eastern half

Thursday 30 June: 20/24° (-6.5) sunny but showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon over the west

Friday, July 1: 17/22° (-4) variable/cloudy, rain or showers may be heavy

Saturday, July 2: 19/25° (-0.5) fairly sunny, mostly dry

Sunday 3 July: 21/27° (+1.5) sunny

Monday July 4: 21/29° (+3) sunny

Tuesday July 5: 20/26° (+2) fairly sunny becoming variable with a small risk of showers

Wednesday 6 July: 19/25° (-0.5) dry

Thursday 7 July: 20/26° (0) mostly dry

Friday 8 July: 18/24° (-0.5) mostly dry

Saturday, July 9: 18/24° (--) slight chance of showers

Sunday 10 July: 16/23° (--) chance of showers


This Monday, variable with sunny spells but also some showers in the east.

Then, summery weather becoming warm but with thunderstorms on Thursday and quite a lot of rain on Friday.

The next weekend and the following week are expected to be generally dry and fairly sunny.

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