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Terms and conditions


  • The “Belgische Meteo Club Belge”, or “BMCB” for short, has currently a website to visualize the weather data of our network. It can be reached via: and

Providing weather data from weather stations

  • Anyone who owns a Barani or WeatherWise weather station can share these weather data with the BMCB free of charge.
  • The owner agrees that all data provided will be made publicly available on the internet on the BMCB website.
  • BMCB will not actively share or forward supplied data with other external parties, except when asked for by the data provider.
  • BMCB cannot be held responsible for people or other websites that do so called “website scraping” to retrieve data from BMCB websites and use it on their own websites.
  • BMCB cannot be held responsible when - for whatever reason - servers malfunction or fail and weather data is lost.
  • Depending on the setup / siting of the weather station (very open, sheltered, in the woods, etc…) BMCB will assign a class between 0 and 5-stars indicating how representative the station is for the wider area. This classification is done according to the BMCB classification rules that you can find on this website.
  • You grant BMCB the right to use all data in its current and future applications.
  • You grant BMCB the right, when you decide to stop providing weather data, that all weather data supplied in the past be kept in BMCB files. It is not possible to ask BMCB to remove previously supplied weather data from maps, tables, summaries, rankings, etc…
  • If the supplied data is deemed unrealistic, BMCB reserves the right to remove such unrealistic data without prior notice.
  • BMCB reserves the right to exclude weather stations from its network anytime the weather data supplied appears to be corrupt for an extended period of time and the problem is not resolved in a timely manner.

Providing webcam images

  • Anyone who owns a webcam can share the images with BMCB by uploading them to one of our servers. Details and login will be provided upon request. More details on image requirements can be found in the ‘webcam’ section.
  • The owner of the webcam(s) remains reponsible for the images and what can be seen. Images must always comply with the local privacy laws. This means for example: we do not accept images where the garden/backyard of your neighbor is visible nor images showing persons you can recognize.
  • You give BMCB the right to further edit the images (for example: resizing, text and BMCB-logo insertion, etc…) and publish them on the BMCB website.
  • The uploader retains the copyright of the original image. By uploading to our servers you give BMCB the right to process and publish them on our website.

Using weather data from the BMCB website |

  • All data - including webcam and snowcam images - published on the BMCB website are free of charge when:
    • they are not used for any commercial purposes,
    • they are not published on websites where advertisements are shown; the owner of a weather station or cam is free to make a different decision for his own data,
    • the source of data is clearly stated or visible next to the data or images,
    • the data and/or images are not modified. Cutting out parts of webcam/snowcam images or blurring certain areas will not be accepted,
    • automatic forwarding of data and/or images is not permitted. The only exception is data / images from your own weather station(s) or webcam(s)/snowcam(s)
  • All data may be used for publication on social media when:
    • they are not used for commercial purposes,
    • the source of the data is clearly stated or visible,
    • the data and/or images are not modified. Cropping parts of webcam/snowcam images or blurring certain areas will not be accepted. Some social media resize images making the logo or source of the data unreadable. In such cases the source must be provided in legible text.
  • Weather data is raw data from the sensors and is not validated. Even if numbers are assumed to be correct, always compare observations with other stations in the area. BMCB cannot be held responsible for incorrect data on our websites or forwarding incorrect data to third-party websites.
  • If you wish to use data or images for commercial activities, please contact us by email [email protected]. | uses cookies to improve your experience on our site.
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